Judy, I get it that subtle distinctions are not your strong point.  So,
I'm just going to let you reflect on it, and then maybe it'll come to

Get back to me if you get some inspiration.  I'll be rooting for you.

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> >
> > You don't die from psychological rape. You die from being murdered.
> > There is a difference. Sorry about that.
> My *God*, you are stupid.
> Let's say you got mugged.
> A person doesn't get mugged all by themselves. There has
> to be a person who commits the mugging.
> Is there a subtle difference between saying a person
> was mugged and calling the person who mugged him a
> mugger?
> (Thinking time required to adjust for Stevie's stupidity:
> about 3 seconds.)
> Is this some ego-deflating spiritual practice our Stevie
> has undertaken, to repeatedly come up with laughably
> idiotic remarks to make himself look bad?

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