Most of the people teaching TM outside of Fairfield have income or support from 
parents or inheritances.  The TMO does provide some of them with a real salary 
and sometimes housing, but not really enough to live on and certainly not 
enough to save a dime for the soon to be here golden years.
In the MUM realm, I am not sure what those people have coming to them for 
retirement.  I think the top people are doing just fine and will be taken care 
of or have already had accounts set up.  As for professors and long time 
staff.....not sure.

And wahtever happened to Girish and all that and the TMO finances of India?

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> You would have to have an enormous amount of faith to devote your life to the 
> TM movement. Very low pay, if any and no retirement. The TMO doesn't make 
> contributions towards SS or any other federal benefit program so when you're 
> too old to benefit them, what do you do? Hope they have some little closet 
> for you to stay in, a bowl of rice to eat, perfect health and you're 
> enlightened?
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> This is something I posted on MUM Secrets in response to another post:
> I agree with a lot of what Taylor says, but on the issue of staff not 
> being paid, that is a blanket policy that I admit I willingly accepted 
> when I was on staff cuz I wanted to be in the Dome, but it is not too 
> good for the workers and especially for someone who spends years on faculty 
> with no retirement etc. I admit I am about 
> to make a blanket statement but the Movement seems to function from a 
> "what can you do for us" attitude rather than what can we do for the 
> people who support us. They seem to feel that teaching us to do TM is 
> the only thing they needed to do and all else is given to them. If they 
> had put as much time, effort, energy and thought to serving the needs of 
> people in a concrete way through the years as they did to trying to get us to 
> give them all our money and allegiance, I would still be with them.

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