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> Poor archives, still being selectively eschewed by Judy.
> Correcting Judy:  I joined FFL in May 2012 and Robin
> rejoined in June 2012.

You are absolutely right, my mistake, and my apologies.

Robin *first* joined FFL in June 2011, left in January
2012, and returned in June. You joined in May 2012,
as you say. Apparently I conflated the two June dates.
I should have double-checked.

However, my point stands: You were not new either to FFL
or to Robin at the time he made the remarks that you
decided four weeks later constituted "psychological rape."
You had been on FFL for three-and-a-half months, and your
conversations with Robin had begun in early July, two
months previously.

>  Aren't you all glad I straightened THAT out?!  Dear Robin, practicing just 
>in case:  please forgive me for not joining FFL in the same month as you did 
>thus rendering Judy a LIAR.  I hope you can understand.  Shalom and all the 
>best always, Share
> PS  May I take this opportunity to wish you Happy Birthday a few days early? 

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