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> > But hey you got the buzz words in so a pat on the head 
> > should be showing up any time now.
> The only thing I can imagine sadder than being the kind
> of person who gets their jollies from "getting" other 
> people they don't even know is the kind of person who 
> admires them, and wants to be like them, and gets 
> *their* jollies striving to get pats on the head 
> from these narcissopaths. 
> I can count at least six on this forum...

Robin controls six people on this forum?? Has he gone off
on his own again?

Time to send out the troops, drag him back in chains to
his proper posture groveling at my feet. He must learn
that he is never, *ever* to pat anyone on the head
without my say-so.

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