Looks kinds lonely over there, mostly Dick Mays - I think Buck likes it over 
here, having us apostates and meditation negative peoples to fuss at.

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> > We've suggested that many a time to Buck.   It falls on deaf ears (or 
> > blind eyes).  And then he knows he'd probably be the only member. ;-)
> > 
> > On 04/27/2013 02:30 AM, Michael Jackson wrote:
> > > So this means that you want everyone who posts on FFL to be pro and rah 
> > > rah TM and be in the Domes? - Why not simply create your own yahoo group 
> > > with yourself as the head guru and emperor and do it however you want? 
> > > then you could boot anyone out that didn't suit you.
> > >
> > >
> Dear MJ and Bhairitu; really I am trying to accommodate you in
> council here.   I see that of the two versions of the Saha Nav
> Hymn that the TM version is more severe.  Of course the TM version
> is the one that has guided the TM movement for so long and see
> where it has gotten the TM community.  The TM one seems more
> certain and inflexible than the actual translation of the hymn.
> Hence I propose the actual Saha Nav translation.  For FFL I felt
> that the correct translation could be more accommodating to our
> needs here than the strict TM one and that the more proper or
> actual translation could better allow for a truth and
> reconciliation in our conversation here with mutual respect.

Buck, there already is a group that is completely in tune with how you want FFL 
to be:



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