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> This is several types of nonsense. 

Thanks for the warning I shall read no further. We should all be
so helpful. 

> A Maharishi is not a celibate person.
>  The only times Maharishi stated he was celibate was when he was, before he 
> ever had sex and very late in life when it was rather inconceivable. 
> Otherewise being a fully enlightened person he does not have any of the same 
> reasons to be celibate as an ordinary person. He did not say publicly "I have 
> dropped the Bal Brahmarchari" title because he never wanted to make it about 
> himself due to his characteristic extreme modesty. Maharishi's core message 
> is very consistent from his earliest writings to his last, always stating 
> that truly life is bliss and that he was creating Heaven on Earth for all 
> Mankind. 
> You cannot find quotes from the persons you mention or from anyone before he 
> appeared that support your claim that his teaching is in any substantive way 
> taken from somewhere else.
> Really Maharishi is unique not only in his message but in world history. 
> No-one has ever done so much for the whole world, as is becoming more obvious 
> day by day to any intelligent person who has read the scientific research and 
> has kept themselves informed.

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