Well, I really couldn't let this one pass without comment.

As Barry has stated a time or two, it never ceases to amaze how true believers 
will make excuses for the guru's bullshit no matter what they do. And as I have 
said it is because somewhere in the recesses of their minds they identify 
themselves with the enlightened state via their association with the guru and 
their fabulous teachings - in other words, if they accept that the guru is a 
flawed human being and even a criminal then their own self identity begins to 

I personally find it to be the height of arrogance to believe that Marshy was 
head and shoulders above any and all other spiritual teachers, including the 
ones from India.

The flaw in your premise srijau, is that you believe that Marshy was 
enlightened - can't blame Marshy for that since to my knowledge he never said 
he was, blame that on everyone's gullibility and willingness to assume facts 
not in evidence.

And to paraphrase your last statement, it should be apparent to any intelligent 
person who can think clearly that what Marshy gave the world was a good old 
fashioned screwing - I will give him this, he was the most successful con 
artist of the 20th century.

And any intelligent person should be able to see from the governmental 
dysfunction that exists world wide and the carnage and destruction that exists 
worldwide militarily, economically and pollution-wise that TM and especially 
yogic flying have not done a damn thing to make the world better, unless you 
want to fall back on the ridiculous argument of "Awww, no tellin' how bad off 
we would be if we hadn't had some TMSP all these years!" 

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TM to 1M at-risk Youth

This is several types of nonsense. 
A Maharishi is not a celibate person.
The only times Maharishi stated he was celibate was when he was, before he ever 
had sex and very late in life when it was rather inconceivable. Otherewise 
being a fully enlightened person he does not have any of the same reasons to be 
celibate as an ordinary person. He did not say publicly "I have dropped the Bal 
Brahmarchari" title because he never wanted to make it about himself due to his 
characteristic extreme modesty. Maharishi's core message is very consistent 
from his earliest writings to his last, always stating that truly life is bliss 
and that he was creating Heaven on Earth for all Mankind. 
You cannot find quotes from the persons you mention or from anyone before he 
appeared that support your claim that his teaching is in any substantive way 
taken from somewhere else.
Really Maharishi is unique not only in his message but in world history. No-one 
has ever done so much for the whole world, as is becoming more obvious day by 
day to any intelligent person who has read the scientific research and has kept 
themselves informed.

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> Now listen Jimmy boy, Maharishi himself was a parrot. Much 
> of what he taught was rehashed from Brahmananda saraswati, 
> Yogananda, Lakshman Joo and so on.
> So, don't compare him with a pathbreaking pioneer like 
> Einstein. Besides, Einstein had no obligation to practice 
> celibacy.
> If the "Foremost scientist of our times in the technology of 
> consciousness" fails to walk the talk, something is amiss.
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> >
> > I know. Albert Einstein had a mistress, even though he was married. As a 
> > consequence, I deny his entire theory of relativity. That'll teach the two 
> > timing bastard. Viva La Revolucion, Michael! 
> > 
> > ---  Michael Jackson <mjackson74@> wrote:
> > >
> > > David and Russel are the perfect TM poster children, along with Howard 
> > > Stern - if the parents and guardians of these at-risk youth look at 
> > > Stern, Brand, and especially Lynch and ask themselves "Do we want our 
> > > kids to turn out like these guys?" and the answer would be a resounding 
> > > "NO!" and they would then take a pass on TM - wise decision!
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> > > David Lynch and Russell Brand 
> > > to at-risk Youth
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