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> Lynch is a strange individual who would be strange with or without TM - his 
> assertion that TM unleashed his creativity to make the films and tv he has 
> made makes me think TM is even less of a good thing than I used to think it 
> was given the fact that many of the films he makes are about abuse of women 
> and grisly twisted crap.

One must be a really sick and twisted soul to read this into the films of David 
Lynch. As others have suggested, you seriously need professional help. 

Long before I knew he did TM it was obvious to me that his films are about the 
human struggle for dignity in a  mundane, violent and often depressing world. 
Often set in extreme situations his films capture in a very moving way the 
stuggle of individuals towards light, love and goodness.

"There is an invisible force that pulls men towards God" - Maharishi

Along with a few other masters of cinema Lynch visualize this process in a 
beautiful and touching way.

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