In the vacuum of light comes darkness: Taliban summary amputations: 

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> > We've got a meditator from here (Fairfield) making those flights.  I always 
> > am concerned for him.  He says it is an incredible massive international 
> > effort going on there with air cargo coming in constantly from all the 
> > great countries of the world.  I'm always proud that we have a meditator 
> > helping with that dark part of the world that is so hard to get enlightened 
> > access to.
> > -Buck in the Dome
> >
> They are such a barbarian people there.  If Maharishi were alive today he'd 
> have groups meditating all around that area stretching from the Mediterranean 
> up to China and Korea just like he did with the field effect to end the 
> Soviet era and with bringing peace to a warring middle east in his time.   We 
> need a lot more enlightenment to balance that dark part of the world.  
> -Buck

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