I assume you write these things to amuse yourself, I hope so because if you are 
serious you are showing amazing stupidity and ignorance.

I was never a student at MIU - I was on staff.

There was no degree in baking at MIU nor is there one now at MUM. They don't 
and didn't seem to value practical degrees, just mainly degrees in vedic this 
and that and consciousness that and this.

I already gave you the names of most of the cooks in the time I was there - the 
fact that you don't know then is none of my concern

Why I bother to respond to your ignorance is beyond me - I guess if when I was 
the baker I had fashioned buddhist stupas out of dough and worn them on my 
head, I might have gotten more out of my time at Marshy "I want your money" 

 From: Richard J. Williams <rich...@rwilliams.us>
To: FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com 
Sent: Tuesday, April 30, 2013 11:21 AM
Subject: [FairfieldLife] Re: Share, Judy and Robin, was J gets another fact 
wrong and S apologizes to R


Share Long:
> Richard, is this there one of them there red 
> herrings or Aunt Sallys or straw individuals?
No, just free advice so you don't get your mind
raped. LoL!

> And hopefully by now MJ realizes that you love 
> to taunt him about allegedly being an MIU student.
Never heard of a college student that didn't take
English or History. There's no 'MJ' Share, it's 
just another anonymous informant, poioning the well. 

Nobody I know ever heard of him up there, baking 
or otherwise. So, we haven't heard the full story,
obviously. After reading TM discussion groups for
fifteen years, I can say without the least
hesitation, there's always an untold story. Take
the example of Lon P. Stacks or Steve Perino.

Why anyone would want to be a 'baker' up at MIU 
and not pursue a degree in cookin is beyond me.

Curtis got a degree in Philosophy up there and
Kirk Bernhardt got a degree in English from MIU,
so I know it can be done. So, what's the point?

Alex don't need no stinkin' MUM degree because 
he's already living in Heaven on Earth out there.

Go figure.

> > Ok, Judy, apologies accepted, thank you.
> >
> When someone says they believe they can tell
> you what to think, you have the right to tell
> them you believe you have the right to tell 
> them where to go. LoL!
> > Moving on, you think I was wrong when I said 
> > psychologically raped to Robin.  I think I 
> > was emotionally upset, as well as overwhelmed 
> > by many other inputs.  I think I was lacking 
> > in psychological development.  I think I was 
> > lacking in certain communication skills. 
> > 
> > Nonetheless I think my POV is more accurate and 
> > inclusive of the whole truth than yours. And my 
> > inner Xeno is smiling wryly about that. 
> > 
> > My statements on and about Sept 6 were all 
> > genuine expressions of how I was feeling when I 
> > wrote them. Even now I assess those posts as 
> > accurately reporting that I was very upset with 
> > Robin and also giving him the benefit of the 
> > doubt because I wanted to see if there was a 
> > way to continue being friends.  It is true that
> >  I was experiencing a mix and range of physical 
> > and emotional states from grumpiness to feeling 
> > psychologically raped. 
> > 
> > Mix and range of inner experiences is something 
> > humans experience. Though evidently not all 
> > humans recognize this fact. 
> > 
> > In addition, every time Xeno, Curtis, Steve, 
> > feste and others write about this, their clarity 
> > and greater objectivity has helped me understand 
> > what was often subjective and emotionally 
> > challenging for me.  So I am grateful to them all 
> > for helping me find the words to understand events 
> > and individuals that I'm still trying to understand.
> > And I continue to incorporate their understandings 
> > and wordings into my thinking and writing about it.
> > EMILY, take note, my incorporating of the insights 
> > of others will continue to happen.
> > 
> > Judy, it's not that I keep going lower and lower.
> > It's that your assessment of your POV keeps going 
> > higher and higher.  Indicating only that it's all 
> > relative.
> > 
> > As for your concern about Robin's reputation, as 
> > one poster recently said here, what I said was a blip 
> > on the screen in comparison to Robin's own posts.
> > I'd add that the postings of many of his supporters 
> > also affects his reputation negatively, as difficult 
> > as that might be for them to acknowledge.  
> > 
> > Reasonable people everywhere will consider all that 
> > is pertinent.  Or maybe ignore the whole thing. 
> > Beyond that it is the workings of karma.
> > 
> > >
> > > Poor archives, still being selectively eschewed by Judy.
> > > Correcting Judy:  I joined FFL in May 2012 and Robin
> > > rejoined in June 2012.
> > >
> > You are absolutely right, my mistake, and my apologies.
> > 
> > Robin *first* joined FFL in June 2011, left in January
> > 2012, and returned in June. You joined in May 2012,
> > as you say. Apparently I conflated the two June dates.
> > I should have double-checked.
> > 
> > However, my point stands: You were not new either to FFL
> > or to Robin at the time he made the remarks that you
> > decided four weeks later constituted "psychological rape."
> > You had been on FFL for three-and-a-half months, and your
> > conversations with Robin had begun in early July, two
> > months previously.
> >


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