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> I have brought aid. coordinated much obtaining more aid doctors to  work 
> there as well as & flights 4 such into the land. The Niagara Falls  Air base 
> has C -130's for this & often take  donated items there.
> I would participate in such flying groups or aid in its success as I can or 
>  may is such were re started. I have see & been part of this field & in  
> joys witnessed is SUCCESSFUL affects!
> The way to change the situation is via the unified field & its bubbling  
> LOVE creating effects. 
> Col Wm. D. Leed IV Ret., USArmy.

Colonel Leed that is a splendid and fabulous offer of leadership.  I respect 
that a lot.  Yep the damned fools who just want to quit should get out of the 
way and sit on their thumbs and not cause trouble.  However now is not the time 
to quit.  Now is not the time for quitters.  The reserve needs to come up.  It 
is time to bravely assert the spirituality values of the science of the Unified 
True Spirituality is rooted in the quiet time meditation of the Unified Field, 
it is well time for good to assemble our forces together as we have done in 
times of old.
-Buck in the Dome

Folks who know better should take courage and do their duty,


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> Buck... writes:
> We can  certainly do better than that.
> The fact is that Taliban summary amputations  are returning in the vacuum 
> of civil order
> as the West withdraws.   http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-22311036 
> You obviously want to  let the amputations continue.
> I feel we should be sending in teams of David  Lynch Foundation meditation 
> teachers to instruct the youth of that barren area  in transcendence and the 
> spirituality of the Unified Field as well as helping  them set up the 
> institutions and economies and schools with education of  respectful civil 
> order. 
>  That area is the forge anvil of evil in the  world.  If we leave it to 
> itself it will only come out to give us all  trouble later.  It is way 
> cheaper 
> to stick with it now to bring a civil  life, hope and true spirituality 
> there than have to live with such evil what  will come later of their own 
> devices if we don't git it now.  The time is  here to get it done now.  
> -Buck in the Dome      
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> wrote:
> >
> > Since the great countries of the  world have been shoveling aid to 
> Afghanistan, heroin production and  distribution is way up, along with 
> civilian 
> casualties. Afghanistan may  benefit from LESS attention from the great 
> countries of the world.
> >  
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> >  >
> > > 
> > > 
> > > 
> > > >
> > >  > We've got a meditator from here (Fairfield) making those flights.  I 
>  always am concerned for him.  He says it is an incredible massive  
> international effort going on there with air cargo coming in constantly from  
> all 
> the great countries of the world.  I'm always proud that we have a  meditator 
> helping with that dark part of the world that is so hard to get  
> enlightened access to.
> > > > -Buck in the Dome
> > >  >
> > > 
> > > They are such a barbarian people there.   If Maharishi were alive today 
> he'd have groups meditating all around that area  stretching from the 
> Mediterranean up to China and Korea just like he did with  the field effect 
> to 
> end the Soviet era and with bringing peace to a warring  middle east in his 
> time.   We need a lot more enlightenment to  balance that dark part of the 
> world.  
> > > -Buck
> >  >
> >
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