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> I'm sure Buck and others might have a word or two to contribute, but from 
> what I remember of them, the youthful always win, and it is ironic in that 
> you are correct, it is an athletic event, but treated quite seriously by the 
> TM peoples as a genuine competition of who is most adept at enlivening the 
> Absolute in their consciousness.
> As to the gender of the competition, there have never been any public 
> demonstrations or competitions of women flyers cuz it would be too salacious 
> for the gals to go hopping round the Domes with their boobs flopping about,

Well, women do a whole lot of things that can cause the boobs to cavort about, 
including riding a horse. However, even meditating women have heard of the 
'brassiere' and if things get a little wild in the mammary department they 
could always don a sports bra. So, I am not sure I buy the explanation of the 
impetuous breasts having a mind of their own while their owner bounces along on 
a piece of impact-friendly foam that would be the reason to exclude women from 
this otherwise equal-opportunity sport.

 >I mean after all Marshy had to publicly maintain the facade that he was a no 
 >sex kind of guy (they started the competitions long ago when he was still 
 >alive and I think there were a few he presided over) and it just wouldn't be 
 >in the TM style for ladies to do such things in public.

Oh geez, sounds like the 1800's.
> So no no no! It wouldn't do to have the gals doing something that might 
> incite the men folks to lust - haven't you ever seen the ridiculous so-called 
> saris the Mother Divine women wear? They show a heap more flesh in India with 
> the authentic ones.

No, I have not yet had the privilege to witness white women walking around in 
saris in Iowa. If ever an anachronism existed this could be a favourite.
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> > That was brilliant Curtis! And funny too. But who knows, maybe Buck will 
> > use his farm muscles to out maneuver all of them on the foam.
> I don't really understand what the 'competition' is all about. Do the men 
> compete against the men and do the women have a competition too? And do the 
> men always outdistance the women? And do the younger always outdistance the 
> older? If so, then it seems doubtful any of this is flying. It sounds like a 
> competition of strength - pure and simple. I don't think the mechanics of 
> pushing off a piece of foam with brute force and intention would be the same 
> as having some other physical law that governs the ability of a human being 
> to fly, even though they have no jet engine or feathers or leathery wings or 
> wings like an insect, and therefore lift off is not governed by strength at 
> all but by that mysterious force of nature that would allow (although not, 
> seemingly, so far yet in the history of TM) a humanoid to lift spontaneously 
> off the floor. In other words, I don't buy it; having this competition is 
> sort of like a strange parody of what the siddhi is all
>  about. I think it sort of demeans the whole thing although on another level 
> I kind of like the fact that this event occurs because it is almost like a 
> sort of self-imposed joke by the people who organize this. It is, in the end, 
> an athletic event, IMVHO.
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> > This was always schtick, but now it is pathetic schtick with the younger 
> > more flexible flyers kicking the asses of the older flyers with decades 
> > more experience with the technique, exposing the emperor. 
> > 
> > And the crowd will watch younger more athletic "flyers" win every event 
> > AGAIN, and no one will notice the ass cheeks of the whole theory on full 
> > display. 
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> > > Sixth Annual Yogic Flying Competition Coming May 5
> > > A Yogic Flying® competition will be held at the Maharishi Patanjali 
> > > Golden Domes May 5 at 2:00 p.m., featuring four events and a live 
> > > demonstration of EEG during Yogic Flying practice.
> > > "Yogic Flying is a technique that demonstrates the ability of individuals 
> > > to enliven the total potential of natural law in the simplest form of 
> > > their own awareness," said Dimitrios Karasis, president of the Ultimate 
> > > Flying Club.
> > > Sponsored by the Global Student Council and the Ultimate Flying Club, the 
> > > competition will demonstrate the mind-body coordination of the 
> > > participating Sidhas, students, staff, faculty, and Invincible America 
> > > Assembly participants.
> > > The event will feature four events: 25-meter dash, 25-meter hurdles, high 
> > > jump, and long jump. First-, second-, and third-place medals will be 
> > > awarded, and cash prizes will be given to the top contestants by the 
> > > Super Radiance for Heaven on Earth Foundation.
> > > There will also be a live demonstration of the EEG of Yogic Flying 
> > > conducted by Fred Travis, director of the University's Center for Brain, 
> > > Consciousness, and Cognition. Dr. Travis will explain how Yogic Flying 
> > > practice brings about increased orderliness and coherence of brain 
> > > functioning, demonstrating scientifically the value of this technology 
> > > for human life. Group practice of the Transcendental Meditation and 
> > > TM-Sidhi® programs, including Yogic Flying, has been found to reduce 
> > > social stress and improve societal quality of life in a number of ways, 
> > > including reduced crime and accident rates.
> > > In the last 25 years, many Yogic Flying participants have come together 
> > > to demonstrate the peace-creating effect of groups of Yogic Flyers, 
> > > sometimes traveling to global hot spots and war-torn areas.
> > > "A tiny percentage of any population can transform life for the entire 
> > > population, simply by diving within," said Craig Pearson, MUM executive 
> > > vice-president and author of The Complete Book of Yogic Flying. "Entire 
> > > nations can be made invincible, impervious to negativity, by just a small 
> > > number of people. This is the Maharishi Effect."
> > > Everyone is invited to attend this event. Cookies will be served.
> > > 
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> > > Have an aning (~uh-ning; hunch in Swedish) we might testify something
> > > extraordinary!
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