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> > > Share was juxtaposing the obvious level of horror of the
> > > incidents with language that got its message through to
> > > anyone who was not trying to use and absurd level of
> > > literal-mindedness for an unfriendly agenda. (Unfriendly
> > > may or may not involve rupturing.)
> > 
> > The context here was Share's recommendation to Indian women
> > that they wear punjabis rather than saris, because the former
> > "are practical, meaning one could still flee or er apply
> > one's knee to a feller's nether regions if he got too frisky."
> > 
> > She went on to elaborate on the situation in India:
> > 
> > "From recent news reports there seems to be a lot of hyper
> > frisky fellers there."
> > 
> > Sadly for Curtis, when Ann found this language insensitive,
> > Share indignantly defended herself by describing this
> > little quip about murderous rapists (including of toddlers)
> > as "a lame joke."
> > 
> > Ooooopsie.
> > 
> > Or, for Curtis, maybe not so sad. Nothing wrong with having
> > a chuckle at the exploits of these rapists, eh, Curtis? Even
> > if the joke *was* just a wee bit lame, it conveyed the
> > "obvious level of horror" of what they did just fine, as long
> > as you didn't take it literally. Come on, people, lighten up!
> > 
> > I mean, if you can't joke about rape, what *can* you joke
> > about?
> Judy, there is no hope here. Seriously. You have fought the good fight, you 
> have unwaveringly tried to show falsehood where there has been falsehood. You 
> have backed up and documented and repeated the facts, events so many times 
> now that it is obvious that those who refuse to see will continue to do so. 
> The important part, for me, is not about any given event per se. It is 
> becoming a sort of sick fascination watching certain people dig a hole into a 
> pile of shit with seemingly no bottom. This example of the depths to which 
> certain individuals will go is truly revelatory for me. FFL represents a kind 
> of microcosm of human fallibility (with myself right in there too). This is 
> not about being holier than thou. It is about what human beings do to avoid 
> what is real and what is important. For Curtis to object like he did to Ravi 
> about his "black people" comments and overlook Share's outrageous attempt to 
> be light hearted and funny with a dismissive wave of his hand is positively - 
> well, I don't know what to call it, but whatever it is it ain't pretty.

Try "reading comprehension" concerning the intent of the author.  You and Judy 
are equally challenged in this department and it drives your faux outrage 
machine here.

 Share will see it as support of herself (I am not sure what she thinks they 
are supporting as somewhere inside of her she must recognize the insensitivity 
of her "lame joke", doesn't she?) but she is missing the boat. She is just a 
handy tool for Curtis and Barry to attack you and now me. Can someone  be 
"opportunistically raped"?
> >

So are you being insensitive to the women who are actually raped here, or are 
you slandering us on the Internet with an outrageous lie?

Dig yourself.


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