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> We don't know what turned Judy Stein into the abuser 
> she is -- probably her father, if my guess is right.

Barry, don't guess. You're almost always embarrassingly
wrong, as in this case, and it just makes you look
increasingly crazy.

Not to mention how crazy you look trying to criticize
anybody here for being abusive when you are *by far*
the most abusive poster who's ever been on FFL--and
with the least cause.

What was it about your childhood that made *you* so
abusive? Or is it that you've never gotten over
your abuse by Lenz?

> All these years on, and Ann is *still* trolling for
> Robin's attention and strokes,

Er, Barry, Robin hasn't been here since before Christmas.

(Curtis is, though, so it does make some sense that
you're trolling for his attention and strokes.)

> and defending him as
> if nothing had ever changed, and she was still a 
> bonafide member of his flock.

Just to remind folks of what Barry has forgotten
(or hopes others have): after leaving the group,
Ann went to the local newspaper and helped it put
together an expose that led to the group falling
apart and Robin leaving town.

IOW, "as if nothing had ever changed" doesn't
really seem to fit the reality.

> All these years on,
> and she treats people who criticize him *for doing
> the same things to them that he did to her*

Those would be people who have no idea what he "did
to her"...

> the same way he treated her.

...just as Barry doesn't.

Or to look at it another way: If Ann were indeed
treating people the way Robin treated her 26 years
ago, Bill Howell's "Cult" book is WILDLY

Here's *my* guess: Barry hates Ann because she has
obviously long since completely recovered from her
experience with Robin 26 years ago, whereas Barry
has been unable to get out from under his experience
with Lenz. So he is driven to try to portray her as
similarly psychologically stuck.

> People are really fuckin' weird, if you ask me...

What's especially weird is how some people are
*utterly oblivious* to how weird *they^ appear as
they attempt to paint *other people* as weird.
You would think decades of so-called spiritual
experience would have given them at least a little
bit of self-knowledge, but that just doesn't appear
to be the case.

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