who were the 1st 10 on FFL?

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It's time we seize this place back from the de-railers and re-rail FFL again.  
I feel we should convene a counsel of FFL elders to sit with the list owner and 
guide the FFL moderators to decide what to do with this problem and try to save 
this place for everyone.  Let's us defer to the first, an original 10 
individuals who came to FFL with a heart, mind and hope to create something 
good, a new Zion on the internet. Obviously the mob here now can not control 
itself here.  Let us have the FFL elders to look out for the welfare of this 
forum.  Ours is a need for something like a continental Congress to look out 
for us all.  Click on 'messages' and then click on 'oldest'.  Let us look back 
to look forward for a better FFL.  Look at the first, the earliest posting and 
let us gather the wisdom of that group of elder FFL writers from that golden 
era of the then new FFL to better serve our future now.  It is time to meditate 
on this and act.  It is time to
 mediate as elders.
May the Unified Field Save our FFL,
-Buck in the Dome 

--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "Buck"  wrote:
> Dearest FFL, FFL Owner, Moderators; 
> It's true these immigrants to FFL, the recent arrivals, they just don't 
> understand the culture.  Most don't live here and some don't even meditate, 
> they just want the benefits of posting inside the established spiritual 
> community of FFL as a place.  It's time for immigration reform here to try to 
> save what is left as precious here from the mob. 
> -Buck in the Dome 
> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, turquoiseb <no_reply@> wrote:
> >
> > --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "Buck" wrote:
> > >
> > > Dear Old FFL;
> > >    A 50 ad hominem post limit a week for shelling this 
> > > place is just too high a limit and killing this place. 
> > 
> > As usual, Buck is living in the past. This place
> > died some time ago. At present it is populated only
> > by zombies hurling invective and people like Buck
> > hurling dogma.
> > 
> > > A 30 posts a week limit is plenty enough to say something 
> > > relevant and could save this place. 
> > 
> > NOTHING could "save this place." Clearly, people *enjoy*
> > all of this insult-hurling and invective, otherwise 
> > they would not put up with it and FEED the perpetrators
> > by participating. 
> > 
> > Reducing the *amount* of BS by limiting the number of
> > posts only would reduce the level of effluvia that one
> > has to wade through -- from about a foot deep to six
> > inches deep. 
> > 
> > The problem, as I see it, is with four posters. If by
> > some act of God they were not to post AT ALL for a 
> > couple of weeks, we would see a remarkable change in
> > Fairfield Life. I'm speaking, of course, of the Hate
> > Brigade -- Judy, Ann, Ravi, and Doctordumbass. 
> > 
> > The spew hatred and insults on this forum because, on
> > the whole, THEY GOT NOTHING ELSE. Except for DrD, who
> > occasionally posts one of his lame-ass "songs" or 
> > spouts off about some quasi-spiritual topic as if he
> > were actually knowledgeable about it, none of them
> > seem to have anything to contribute EXCEPT hatred.
> > ALL of the vendettas we see acted out on this forum
> > seem to come from them. 
> > 
> > > Are there better more civil forums or blog discussions 
> > > of spirituality generally and TM using a more moderated, 
> > > respectful and civil decorum? 
> > 
> > There may be, but no amount of "moderation" will save
> > (or, in actuality, resurrect) FFL. The problem here
> > is that almost everyone seems to be bored -- with 
> > their lives, with their spiritual sadhana, with their
> > "experiences" or the lack thereof. Therefore they 
> > settle for soap opera and invective and hatred *as a
> > form of entertainment*. 
> > 
> > > This one is looking like a war-torn Islamic country. 
> > 
> > Nonsense. I've lived in war-torn Islamic countries.
> > They are civilized by comparison. 
> > 
> > > I helped settle this place originally but looking now 
> > > to join the refugees... Jeesuus,
> > 
> > You've ALREADY joined the refugees if you can't think
> > of anything new and interesting to post. Continuing to
> > post anyway when you've got nothing new to say is 
> > being a zombie. And I think we know that the only
> > person here who likes zombies is Bhairitu. :-)
> > 
> > I challenge Buck or anyone else who complains about
> > the constant strife on this forum to POST SOMETHING
> > ELSE. Something more interesting, something new.
> > 
> > I don't think you can do it.
> >


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