In 1987 I was studying Film & Televsion at Univ of MD and first heard about 
ayurveda.  Right away it came to me that movies could be analyzed from the 
point of view of doshas.  That's when I decided to return to FF and learn more 
about ayurveda.  I ended up writing, for The Weekly Reader,  movie reviews 
based on the doshas and for some time after people would tell me they enjoyed 

Over the decades I've seen my share of what I call little gems of movies.  What 
comes to mind:  Bhagdad Cafe.  I don't even remember much of it except that it 
was a little gem of a movie.

Thanks for recommendation about Red Zinger.  Might be good for kapha season, 
pitta person.  Are you also familiar with the idea that kapha accumulates 
slowly, vata quickly, etc?  Kapha slowly is one explanation I've heard for 
summer colds.  

Mom's got Turner Classics on TV and is watching Sgt. York with Gary Cooper.

 From: Bhairitu <>
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Because dumb studio execs aren't greenlighting good movies.  They hold a 
low opinion of the American people and seek dumbed down projects to get 
the broadest market.  Most A-List actors might prefer working on a low 
budget independent film that challenges their skills but then there is a 
business decision to be made.   I watch very few big Hollywood films.  I 
prefer foreign and independent film where they feel if they make a good 
movie then people will want to see it.

BTW, I was thinking about my taste in movies and ayurveda.  I recalled 
reading somewhere that pitta types shouldn't be watching violent or 
horror films because they are too stimulating.  Aha, I like those kinds 
of films because they are kapha balancing.  In fact I started thinking 
about how I dislike some filming styles. A lot of network TV is shot 
very kapha like apparently to act as a drug to calm vata.  They probably 
don't know in terms of ayurveda what they are doing just that it has a 
more calming or drug like effect.  And as we know younger folks are in 
their kapha period so like more stimulating things.

BTW, since the majority of westerners, including myself, have a pitta 
kapha constitution I was thinking about a tea or infusion for that mix. 
I only found one web site that sold a tea for pitta kapha.  The ingredients:
spearmint, hibiscus, rose, alfalfa, red clover, fennel

All those calm both pitta and kapha. So I thought it should be easy to 
run out and get the ingredients there I don't have.  Think again, maybe 
10 years ago or many still in Fairfield but most of the health stores 
around here no longer have bulk herbs.  I called one store I know that 
does have some but they only had one of the herbs I needed (hibiscus) in 
bulk.  Perhaps if I made a trip to one of the two Whole Foods in the 
area (probably Lafayette since I don't like the location of the Walnut 
Creek store) I might find these.  That's a bit much bother so will 
probably just order the tea.  BTW, Celestial Seasoning's "Red Zinger" 
has similar properties.

On 05/10/2013 06:55 AM, Share Long wrote:
> noozguru, speaking of Hollywood and money, I'm wondering why successful stars 
> get into bad movies.  Last night my Mom and I saw The Big Wedding.  Robert 
> DeNiro, Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon and Robin Williams.  Stinker of a 
> script.  Surely these people know a bad script when they read one.  I will 
> say they all made the best of it.  Nonetheless as far as me and Mom go, it's 
> 2 thumbs down!
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> On 05/09/2013 06:11 PM, Richard J. Williams wrote:
>> The legislation would force cable companies and satellite
>> TV providers to give consumers an option to pick and
>> choose which channels they get.
>> Read more:
>> 'Blow Up The Cable Industry As We Currently Know It'
> And there was much gnashing and gnawing of teeth in Hollywood as the
> studios and cable mafioso packed up suitcases full of money to be
> distributed to congress critters.


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