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> (Anthropology, UCLA) Web Radio, article, 
> The horrors perpetrated by Harry Truman, the U.S. President, 
> when he ordered the civilian populations of Hiroshima, and, if 
> that were not enough, Nagasaki also (to quickly end WWII and 
> beat the Russians to Japan), were nothing new on this planet.   
> 3,663 years ago, Yahweh, known then as Enlil, a 9 -12 foot 
> fully Homo Sapien ET from the Planet Nibiru, 49 astronomical 
> units from Earth, ordered nuclear attacks on the people and 
> cities south of the (thence) Dead Sea in Canaan and on a 
> spaceport he ran in Sinai.  

This is SUCH bullshit that I just have to respond!

In a previous lifetime I had many drinks in that 
spaceport, and in fact had to carry Yahweh home 
over my shoulder many nights after a bit of over-
imbibing on his part, and I can assure you that 
the dude was no more than 8 feet tall. 

Word around the spaceport was that he nuked the
place so that he wouldn't have to pay his bar bill.

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