On 05/13/2013 10:28 AM, turquoiseb wrote:
> If anyone has wondered why I've been fairly silent this
> week, it's because I've been suffering from Eyeroll
> Overload. I mean, we've had people spouting supposedly
> scientific theories to justify their homophobia, and
> other people spouting supposedly scientific research to
> justify their unfounded elitism about TM, and others
> just spouting nonsense about aliens, Buddhism, Hare
> Krishna, and other subjects they know nothing about.
> While I may admire Xeno's tenacity in actually trying
> to engage Nabby over the ludicrousnessitude of Benny
> Creme, I just don't have the energy. I also don't have
> the energy to deal with people spouting stuff they've
> been told about other techniques of meditation *that
> they have never learned, never practiced, and obviously
> know nothing about* simply because MMY or some initiator
> he taught to parrot him or some researcher who *also*
> never learned the techniques told it to them.
> My eyes hurt from all the eyerolling. Let Xeno and
> Michael and Salyavin and whoever else try to deal with
> this stuff if they want. From my point of view, some
> levels of ignorance are just too ingrained and too
> well-established to even bother trying to dispel.

Did you know that eyerolling is considered a good eye yoga exercise? :-D

See you were actually practicing yoga.

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