In 1991, self-professed pranksters Doug Bower and Dave Chorley made headlines 
claiming it was they who 
started the phenomenon in 1978 with the use of simple tools consisting 
of a plank of wood, rope, and a baseball cap fitted with a loop of wire 
to help them walk in a straight line.[19] To prove their case they made a 
circle in front of journalists; a 
"cereologist" (advocate of paranormal explanations of crop circles), Pat 
Delgado, examined the circle and declared it authentic before it was 
revealed that it was a hoax.[19][20][21] Inspired by Australian crop circle 
accounts from 1966, Doug and Dave 
claimed to be responsible for all circles made prior to 1987, and for 
more than 200 crop circles in 1978–1991 (which other 1000 circles not 
being made by them).[14][22] After their announcement, the two men demonstrated 
making a crop 
circle. According to Professor Richard Taylor, "the pictographs they 
created inspired a second wave of crop artists. Far from fizzling out, 
crop circles have evolved into an international phenomenon, with 
hundreds of sophisticated pictographs now appearing annually around the 

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