Can only  reach into the mud , pulling  up a lotus flower holding  it
silently before you, its roots dripping mud and water.....and copy and
paste  and highlight  the Shapiros text from Huffpost:
"Many years ago, we were teaching a meditation weekend in Plymouth,
England. On the Saturday after the program was over for the day, Carole,
one of the attendees, told us she had just been with Deepak Chopra, that
he had walked out of the Body Mind Spirit Festival in London, renounced
the world, and was at the local Heart and Soul Center healing people for
free. We were amazed and intrigued as she added he was much thinner than
in the photo of him that we had in our book The Way Ahead. A mutual
friend, John Harricharan, had previously introduced us to Deepak in New
York City, who was already a well-known teacher. So when we went to the
Heart and Soul Center the next evening we were surprised to find an
Indian man with the same name but obviously not the same Deepak.

Later, we found out that the "imposter Deepak" had been abusing the
women he was teaching (the real Deepak later thanked us for exposing the
con man). But in the meantime, we witnessed the amazing power of faith.
Those who were convinced the pretender was the real Deepak went through
cathartic healings, transformations, and great joy... until he was
exposed as a fraud, when suddenly these same students reversed to the
distress they had had before. The power of faith was palpable.

Buddha means awaken -- awaken to one's true nature, to the essence of
reality, to radiant emptiness. It does not mean god, deity, or
celebrity. Deepak Chopra is a respected modern-day teacher, regarded by
some as a celebrity and even god-like. As such, he has a narrow path to
walk so that he doesn't invoke the blind adoration we witnessed in
Plymouth. We remember seeing a movie where the lead character shouted:
"I want to be Deepak Chopra." Why would someone feel that way? Could it
be because Deepak is loved and wise, or that he embodies the real
meaning of life?"

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