You are one stupid son of a bitch - most of the TM people I have known were 
using some kind of recreational drugs before they learned TM - and you, as most 
of my detractors here on FFL have reading comprehension problems - I never said 
I was "under the influence of drugs" when I learned. 

I was stoned when I had the prep lecture - I made the 14 day requirement for 
not doing dope - in fact I had not smoked pot for exactly 15 days before being 
initiated into TM - I then waited for 6 weeks before smoking pot on two 
occasions and never smoked pot again but once about 10 years later.

So I was not under the influence of drugs when I received my mantra. 

Your saying I never did TM properly is one of the standard TM bullshit 
responses to those who quit. Pretty lame for a technique that is supposed to be 
so easy. Instead of making absurd remarks about things you know nothing about, 
go read Mein Kampf, which I am sure is right next to your Marshy Gita.

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> Michael Jackson:
> > for sure TM is not in any way superior to any other
> > meditations out there.
> > 
> Well, for this to be true you would have to try ALL 
> meditation techniques. There is some doubt you even 
> know TM practice or basic yoga poses. Go figure.

Since that the poor fellow was under the influence of drugs (his own words) 
when he learned TM, IF he ever learned that is, it is likely that he never did 
TM in the correct way. 



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