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> > Agree with what? A summary please.
> That you're sounding more and more like Robin.
> Watch it. They may be setting you up to be the next PR.

Judy,  first, congratulations.  You've stretched yourself pretty well on
bringing up anything about"PR".
Maybe the community can come up with a suitable replacement.  I think
we've pretty well milked the life out of this one.
Yes, there is the matter of the "apology", that you feel, you, or Robin,
or someone is entitled to and which must be stated in such a way to meet
certain criteria you have in mind.
I think that we have moved past this as well.
I don't think you are ready to really move past it altogether, but maybe
you can stretch yourself a little more, and before you know it, it will
truly be in the past, except maybe for ceremonial occasions.
Perhaps this can be referred to as the "PR" period of FFL.

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