Oh GN, you just had to throw another one of these things into the fray, didn't 
you? I'm not chomping on it this time as tempting as it may be; although the 
last time you did this I had some fun with it.

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>  ANCIENT ANTHROPOLOGY REVISED: Internet Radio, Article by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. 
> (Anthropolgy, UCLA) and Illustrations
> Giant gods of the ancient world and the successors they choose created 
> mind-sets that shackle us to short desperate lives.  In this internet radio 
> show, you learn how these so-called gods rocketed to Earth from a planet they 
> called Nibiru.  Nibirans stand way taller—8-12 feet tall and live way 
> longer—hundreds of thousands years– than we. These ETs from Nibiru said they 
> bred us as short term slaves and soldiers.  We killed in their names: Allah 
> (= Sumerian, Marduk or Nannar), Yahweh (sometimes = Enlil, at times Adad or 
> even Enki) and, Ishtar (Inanna)–mining expedition personnel all, all 
> Nibirans.  We Earthlings are one species, designed to serve in mines, armies, 
> businesses, schools, governments, farms, factories, and building projects for 
> ETs and the "royal" lines of ever-murderous hybrid rulers they begat.
> Click arrow for radio interview, article and illustrations
> http://worldpeaceassociation.com/2013/05/15/ancient-anthopology-revised-internet-radio-article-by-sasha-lessin-ph-d-and-illustrations/

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