Salyavin, I like that God is our vanity.  OTOH, I automatically revolt when you 
say that a bad idea is one that raises more questions than it answers.  Is this 
a bias of science?  And why should Universe be getting less complex?

For some reason this makes me think of something Richard said a while ago, that 
all religions came from ancient people having unusual experiences with 
hallucinogens, etc.  So maybe Igor the ancient drug user did see a guy over 
there with a long white beard!

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> > > God does play dice, but He can calculate the odds to infinity.
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> > > Bottom line: When you're talking about God, all bets are off.
> > 
> > I wasn't and nor was Einstein.
> Well, *somebody* was, and you quoted him or her.

It's a paraphrase from Einstein but when physicists say "god"
they just mean nature, but not in the way that Marshy meant
nature. He meant god.

> > I will make a bet that there isn't one though.
> I wouldn't take the bet, because I *can't* calculate the odds
> to infinity.

Why would you need to. It's a simple Occams razor thing, if 
there is no need for something, don't invent it.

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> > > CAVEAT: I have no idea if Hagelin is right. I just resist
> > > on principle ruling stuff out at the God level.
> > 
> > Why? Man invented god as a way of explaining things he didn't
> > understand.
> Sure of that, are ya?

Yup, and it's perfectly natural to find something complex
and assume that it must have been created by something more
complex. This was Darwins genius as he showed it isn't the
case where biology is concerned.

It isn't like god is a discovery as in "Hey who's that over
there with the long beard?" And it isn't like god is an
efficient explanation for anything which is what you want
from a theory. You can always spot a bad idea because they
raise more questions than they answer.

The reason physicists don't believe in quantum god theories 
is that they make the universe more complex where it should
be getting less complex. And it's unnecessary.

God is our vanity.

> I *will* bet you that there are a whole lot of things we
> will never understand. We might as well call them "God."

You think there are things that can't be understood? Interesting.

> > Things move on, Hagelin wants to keep us in the
> > bronze age because it helps sell yagyas and golden spoons.


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