martyboi, I bet a lot of people living outside of US would say that you have to 
be a little crazy to live here.  For example, when I was visiting my family 
recently, I got exposed to contemporary TV programming.  Scary!  Meaning, scary 
in its mind numbingness.  And the advertisements!  Especially the drug 
advertisements, spouting off death as a possible side effect right up there 
with headaches and constipation!    
Anyway, Rob Robb often says that as one travels from west to east in the US, 
the amount of light present decreases.  As for the deep south, for example, 
Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, don't even get me started!  For one thing, I 
think they have the highest number of African Americans on death row.  Highest 
obesity percentages.  Very scary places.    

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Consensus reality is probably more accurate than the word "Cult" which actually 
means something like subculture. When you make statements like: "everyone is 
crazy", or "everyone is in a cult" - you reduce the meaning of words "Crazy" or 
"Cult" to logical absurdities that renders them useless as terms that can be 
used in a rational discussion. 

When I ask myself questions like:"Do I know anyone who is not a little crazy?" 
or "Do I know anyone who doesn't participate in a cult?" The answer is always 
"no"  - everyone I know seems a little crazy and everyone I know also 
identifies with some group or other. It's really just a matter of perspective 
isn't it? I mean to a west coast Bay Area person, such as myself - most people 
east and south of here are Obviously Insane ;-)

Therefore as a practical matter, the words "crazy" and "cult" should be 
reserved for discussions about people and groups that have behaviors and ideas 
that are so variant with society at large that they are rendered dysfunctional 
in a major way. (i.e., can't sustain a relationship or a job.)

Having preached that - I actually do think everyone is both crazy and in a 
cult...but you won't catch me sayin' it.


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