On 05/19/2013 09:53 AM, turquoiseb wrote:
> When I was growing up, there was one place on Earth that held by far the
> greatest mystery for me. It was so inaccessible that for the first eight
> years of my life no human had ever been there. Then in 1953 two guys
> reached the top:
> They remained the only two humans to have stood on the top of the world
> for three years. In 1963, when Jim Whittaker and Nawang Gombu Sherpa
> reached the top, they became only the 13th and 14th humans to have done
> so. It was the rarest of places on Earth, seen only by the rare few.
> Now read this excellent but heartbreaking article from National
> Geographic, written by Mark Jenkins, a member of the team who climbed
> Everest recently to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Whittaker's climb.
> What a sad, sad fate to befall possibly the most special place on the
> planet.
> http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2013/06/125-everest-maxed-out/jenkins-\
> text
> <http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2013/06/125-everest-maxed-out/jenkins\
> -text>

I'm guessing you're never seen Everest or the Himalayas?  I had a 
glimpse of them flying from Mumbai to Varanasi.   Quite impressive.

I've also seen a documentary on the risks of climbing  Everest. Though 
they refined it to a tourist event it is still quite dangerous and 
something that I would have no interest in since I get dizzy just 
climbing up on a house roof.  BTW, what is the narcissistic rating for 
Everest climbing?

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