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> > Wow, $100,000,000 goes into Invincible America and you *still*
> > get tornadoes?
> > 
> > Are the Settle's feeling sick or what!
> Instead it was pissed away to support and perpetuate the 
> fantasies of a few people that bouncing around on their 
> butts actually accomplishes something. 
> Just FYI, $100,000,000 is enough to feed 40 million people
> for a year.

Right, at $2.50 per person per year.

> That would have included some of the 10.5 
> million children on the planet who died of starvation 
> during the seven years they threw money at "Invincible 
> America."
> I'd suggest that the Settles should feel a little sicker 
> about that than a few tornadoes.

It's hard to imagine the twistedness of the mind that
could write the above.

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