Someone brought up CC, and how once attained, PC never leaves. It is true, and 
PC also continues to grow and become even more established. 

But if it doesn't, and a person has surrendered to their ego, instead, to serve 
as that foundation, there is one significant difference. A foundation in PC is 
a foundation in silence, whereas a foundation in ego, is a foundation in 

In fact, not really a foundation at all, but a continually reinforced set of 
stories that tend to hold the person expressing them, in place, in a fixed 
context. He or she is always the hero of all the stories they tell themselves. 
Can also work with them always being the victim, the point being that identity 
is gained from self-told stories, ego, attachment, vs. pure consciousness.

I was reminded of this reading over TB's comments about himself in relation to 
others. Always the coolest, the hippest, the most spiritual, the most 
discerning, the most successful, the best taste, and the greatest lover, and 
seducer of women (I kinda made the last one up).

He is an excellent example of what I have identified above; stories, stories 
and more stories come out of his mouth, intensely fortifying the fables he has 
been telling himself for decades.

Oddly enough, if one takes the "stories in my head and heart" route, as a 
foundation for themselves, it becomes increasingly difficult to make any 
spiritual progress, or progress towards liberation. Despite any techniques 
practiced, the stories, and the attachment to them, win out.

So, TB's insights about spiritual life, and even the dynamics of his 
personality, tend to be shallow and self-congratulatory. He loves to make his 
bed, and then indulgently climb in, and cover himself over with warm layer 
after layer of stories.

Funny thing - I often see him as asleep, and yet he believes otherwise, 
dreaming deeply on his soft, luxurious mattresses of attachment.   

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