Sez the guy with only two posts left for the week,
after demonstrating a veritable orgy of attachment
and defensiveness all week. :-)

I must admit to one belief. The best thing that 
*ever* happened on Fairfield Life was Rick being
convinced to institute -- and enforce -- the 
Posting Limits. 

Try to imagine what this forum would be like without
them. A few compulsives could -- and would -- be
flooding the place with post after post after post
after post, trying to "win" their imaginary ego-
battles with sheer volume alone. 

I hereby nominate Rick for sainthood.  :-)

Unless the "post flood" consisted of hundreds of
posts from Doc "explaining" why he encouraged people 
here to believe he was female for all those months. 
I'd never get tired of that. :-)

Who else feels Doc building up to a new "identity
change?" It's about time for one, after all...

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> > > On the other hand, Barry is not the one who has 
> > > pissed away 40 posts so far this week trying 
> > > to play spiritual one-upsmanship games and 
> > > convince himself that someone -- ANYONE -- 
> > > actually believes he's enlightened.
> > 
> > My sense is that DrD doesn't give a shit whether
> > anybody considers him enlightened.
> > 
> Yeah, Denial and acceptance, vs. non-attachment. Denial and acceptance are 
> choices made by the mind. Non-attachment, on the other hand, is a condition 
> of the mind. Denial and acceptance are willful acts. Non-attachment simply 
> is. Non-attachment is a functioning of the mind and body that is automatic. 
> To attempt to fake it, quickly becomes awkward.
> Without silence always present in the mind, the only correlate for 
> non-attachment, is some willful act of the mind. Without the presence of 
> ongoing silence in the mind, the mind never rests, and spends most of its 
> time spinning its stories. With no silence in the mind, non-attachment is 
> both invisible, and impossible.
> So, with silence always present in the mind, not only does an enlightened 
> person not give a shit whether others think so, it is *impossible* to give a 
> shit, about such a thing. It is as if someone came up to you, and challenged 
> that you were breathing air. Comes across as a ridiculous question, so deep 
> is the mind anchored in silence.

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