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> Jeez, Richard!  If you don't like my question, then you ask one!  Oh, you 
> did (-:
> Yes, they sell gluten free stuff in FF.  FF is a very with it town I'll have 
> you know (-:
> So glad to hear that the double fiber bread works for you.  Good job!

Share, there will always be new trends and ideas that masses amounts of people 
jump on the bandwagon for. Right now it happens to be gluten-free food and 
orthotics. Don't ask me how I know this but I do. In about four years all the 
podiatrists will have made their millions and the rest of the world will have 
moved on to the next nutritional fad that'll espouse the benefits of eating 
Cheerios smothered in Cheez whiz. Maybe you should stock up now, I hear 
there'll be a run on it and it will become very difficult to purchase. (I'm 
always happy to help, as you know.)
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> Share Long:
> > That's great carde, what other benefits have you 
> > noticed? noozguru, you've probably said before, 
> > but I'll ask anyway: what do you think of the 
> > whole gluten free trend?
> > 
> Asking the important questions. LoL!
> Do they even sell gluten-free bread in Fairfield?
> Well, I guess you could bake some or you could get
> the gluten-free bread mail order, if you really 
> need some. Get some double-fiber bread too if you 
> place an order. Works for me!
> Let's ask our resident TMO baker, M.J., what he 
> thinks. We used to have a cook on the list, Kirk, 
> but after Katrina he seems to have lost his 
> internet connection and his smart-phone. Curtis
> is a cooker too, I wonder what he thinks of the
> gluten-free bread at $5.00 a loaf. Go figure.
> 15 Tips for Making Better Gluten-Free Breads 
> > Highly recommend most of us to try gluten free diet
> > at least for a couple of days! (No wheat, rye or, 
> > Lawd have mercy, barley!?)
> > 
> > It's way weird but after I've been on that diet
> > for a couple of weeks now, also the "other" saMyama-s
> > (not just YF) seem to have some effect, or stuff!
> > 
> > Well, mainly that's prolly due to my being able
> > to concentrate ("do" dhaaraNaa*) better, because
> > the constant irritation of my lungs has diminished,
> > I'd say at least by 90 percent!
> > 
> > *saMyamaH = dhaaraNaa "+" dhyaanam "+" samaadhiH
> > 
> > (trayam [(those) three] ekatra: saMyamaH)
> >

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