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> Since you feel you have nailed Barry, what about Maharishi? 
> Was Maharishi enlightened or not? What is your take on that? 

You didn't ask me, but because this is shaping up as
another Get Barry Sunday :-), I might as well give
them some more fodder. :-)

I spent some time around Maharishi. I do not consider
him enlightened, and never experienced anything around
him that convinced me he was experiencing enlightened
states of mind sufficiently to radiate them. 

With the Rama guy, I certainly experienced the latter
sensation, so that leads me to believe that he was at
least during some periods of time experiencing 
enlightened mindstates. But I don't consider him
"enlightened" in the sense of it being any state
he achieved and held onto. 

I've only met one other person whom I have suspected
of being enlightened, and won't name him. I never got
the opportunity to meditate with him (as I did with
Maharishi and Rama), but just being around him at a 
public gathering was a state of consciousness changing 
experience. Dude radiated silence so profoundly it
was almost impossible to have thoughts when close
to him. 

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