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>>> Arctic temperatures are rising fast than expected:
>>> http://arctic-news.blogspot.nl/2013/03/huge-patches-of-warm-air-over-the-arctic.html
>> These climate changes and what will happen to earth and people is my major 
>> non-people related worry in life  and I am trying to just not think about it 
>> any more.  It really is the fundamental, root issue for all of us - other 
>> than enlightenment, for some.  Is there any genuine good news about this or 
>> scientists who think we can actually save things?  Folks, listen up:  
>> humanity will be gone, gone destroyed.  It will be ugly and is happening way 
>> faster than even the pessimists expected back in the early 2000's. We are in 
>> serious trouble here and have no where to escape.  In a decade things are 
>> going to be a mess - we won't be here for the end days, but will witness 
>> some ugliness and  fear coming very soon.
>> As I say, I make an effort to avoid reading about it anymore - way too 
>> depressing.   I just spent a weekend at a huge and famous garden (Longwood 
>> Gardens) while visiting mother in Pennsylvania.  I got there early when the 
>> doors opened, and soaked up the quiet and green smells. The wind was blowing 
>> in the tops of huge trees and the sounds were amazing.  I was all green and 
>> growing and thriving.  Consciousness seemed conscious everywhere there. If I 
>> were retired, I would spend more time outside, away from big cities (which I 
>> also love).  I don't want all this to be ruined.
>> So, Bhairitu, send me some good news on this topic if you come across it.   
>> Humanity needs to focus on this pronto and make it our primary cause and 
>> support people working to save the earth. Scientists are my superheroes.
> If you really are that worried why not do something about it ? Take the train 
> instead of driving around is a good start.

You mean Maitreya isn't going to save the world?

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