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>> Arctic temperatures are rising fast than expected:
>> http://arctic-news.blogspot.nl/2013/03/huge-patches-of-warm-air-over-the-arctic.html
> These climate changes and what will happen to earth and people is my major 
> non-people related worry in life  and I am trying to just not think about it 
> any more.  It really is the fundamental, root issue for all of us - other 
> than enlightenment, for some.  Is there any genuine good news about this or 
> scientists who think we can actually save things?  Folks, listen up:  
> humanity will be gone, gone destroyed.  It will be ugly and is happening way 
> faster than even the pessimists expected back in the early 2000's. We are in 
> serious trouble here and have no where to escape.  In a decade things are 
> going to be a mess - we won't be here for the end days, but will witness some 
> ugliness and  fear coming very soon.
> As I say, I make an effort to avoid reading about it anymore - way too 
> depressing.   I just spent a weekend at a huge and famous garden (Longwood 
> Gardens) while visiting mother in Pennsylvania.  I got there early when the 
> doors opened, and soaked up the quiet and green smells. The wind was blowing 
> in the tops of huge trees and the sounds were amazing.  I was all green and 
> growing and thriving.  Consciousness seemed conscious everywhere there. If I 
> were retired, I would spend more time outside, away from big cities (which I 
> also love).  I don't want all this to be ruined.
> So, Bhairitu, send me some good news on this topic if you come across it.   
> Humanity needs to focus on this pronto and make it our primary cause and 
> support people working to save the earth. Scientists are my superheroes.
>> But don't worry, super heroes will save the day:
>> http://gf2045.com

That conference would be a hoot and will get a lot of heckles.  Ray 
Kurzweil wants t turns us all into cyborgs.  Most scientists think he is 

Look at Monsanto.  It was founded by a guy who thought his ideas would 
save the world from starvation.  Then his marketing department took 
over.  Plus as mentioned by the scientist in the article posted here, 
those ideas are about 50 years old and invented without the vision that 
someday everyone could have a computer on their desk. Now we can use 
computers to find the best way to grow plenty of food naturally.  No 
need for Monsanto and their evil seeds.

Scientists are like musicians.  Musicians write few good songs and a lot 
of bad ones.  Scientists have a few good ideas and a lot of bad ones. :-D

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