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Wow! I would love to know the story behind that. What you say is quite an 
indictment of the Movement. 


LB once told me that the police told him that they had a literal stack of 
restraining orders that MUM had had issued against various people. Have to keep 
the barbarians outside the moat, you know.




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> Real tears here.

Remembering, L.B. at Revelations Cafe Bookstore, April 2013:

If the TM movement had a conscience, today would be designated a day of shame 
and apology. The TMO’s ostricisism of LB probably did it more harm than that of 
the many hundreds of others it has ostracized. His only crimes were honesty and 
courage. He had the courage to openly discuss issues that, if the TMO had 
welcomed and participated in the discussion, could have saved it from cultdom 
and relative obscurity. Instead it chose to slap him with a legal restraining 
order which banned him from campus for decades. In treating him and many others 
this way, the TMO has shot itself in the foot so many times that now it can 
barely walk.


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