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> Just to give you an example how deluded the rich are, here's an article 
> and video about the Nestle CEO who wants all water privatized.  This 
> asshat doesn't care about people, just about money.  He needs a visit 
> form Lord Yama and soon.
> http://www.trueactivist.com/nestle-ceo-water-is-not-a-human-right-should-be-privatized/
> Billionairism is a mental disorder.

Quite right, I always put £5 into a jar to help pay my ever 
escalating ultility bills whenever I have a cup of coffee.
It's only fair - these guys have got massive yachts to maintain.

I can't bear to think of our billionaire overlords being laughed 
at by thieving Russian oligarchs for only having three helicopters. It's down 
to us!

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