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> > Actually there was only one person tonite at the landmark 
> > meeting who brushed up against this talking about how 
> > experiences have been compromised in people because of 
> > an underlying problem. She spoke in code of course with 
> > the big guy up there in front of the room. Otherwise the 
> > suggestions were trivial, as if people did not know the 
> > antipathy old meditators have with the movement with the 
> > elephant sitting in the room. Two elephants actually.
> Buck, I'm going to have to call you on this one. 
> If YOU were there, why didn't YOU speak up?
> The problems with the "dome program" are NOT because
> of the people administrating them. They're caused by
> the roomful of pussies to timid or too intimidated
> to say something about the policies. 
> Don't you DARE keep ranting about Bevan and his gang
> if YOU didn't have the balls to say something when
> offered the opportunity to do so.

I'm mentioning this partly because of the chorus of
laudations for the late LB Shriver. I never knew him,
and his contributions to FFL were before my time. But
I've noticed a tendency in some people checking in 
here to admire him for standing up to the "powers that 
be" and actually making some of his comments and 
criticisms in public.

Which is admirable, except that the people applauding
him for doing this don't seem to do this themselves. 
They bend over and take in the ass from the TMO 
policies, then grumble safely from behind pseudonyms 
about the perps not having used any K-Y, if they
grumble at all. 

NOTHING will change about the TM movement until this
codependent enabling stops. I've said it before and 
I'll probably say it again -- if you want a change to 
these discriminatory and probably illegal policies, 
TAKE IT TO THE PRESS. Go public, and go large. 

Nothing terrifies tyrants more than the things they're
doing behind closed doors being made public. Nothing
encourages them more to *continue* doing these things 
than a bunch of terrified sheep too timid to complain 
that the shepherds are buggering them. 

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