turq, it's simply a matter of experience.  I've done my TMSP and I've not done 
it.  I prefer to do the TMSP.  I've done my TMSP alone and I've done it in the 
Dome.  I prefer to do the TMSP in the Dome.  IMO it does not make me a cultist 
nor an elitist nor a sheep nor terrified, etc.  And to again ask you about CD 
and your daily life, where do you sacrifice, as you would have me and Buck do, 
something that is the highest priority for you for something that is less of a 
priority?  Where do you live CD in daily life rather than in the theoretical 
realm of bardo vs no bardo?   

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> ...
> I have to admit though, that Barry has a point. If there 
> was a meeting how come only one lone voice brought up any 
> concerns they have with dome policy? It is a simple but 
> essential point and I would wonder about the answer to 
> that question also (I just wouldn't have phrased it using 
> a metaphor of fucking sheep or being sodomized without the 
> proper lubricant). I wish I cared enough to be in FF and 
> wanted to both 'see saints' and hop in the golden globe 
> because I would have some real fun with the Movement 
> guys - for about the five minutes I would have until they 
> threw me out on my ear. Still, those five minutes might 
> be worth it, sometimes I like a good scrum.

Ann, I'm not commenting to razz you on your comment,
because I'd like to see you do that, too :-), just to
point out something you don't seem to realize. 

VERY few people would ever even *consider* standing
up to the TMO because they're GURUWHIPPED.

They CARE -- and care deeply -- about still being
considered "members of the organization," and "in
good standing." They know what would happen to them
if that ever changed. On the org level, they'd never
be allowed to go to any other meeting or program 
again. On a social level, many of their so-called
friends would write them off as being Off The Program
and abandon them as well.

So they're NEVER going to stand up to the nazicrats
because they're still terrified of being on their
own, outside the TMO, and probably for the rest of
their lives. 

For you, that's not a concern. For me, that's not
a concern. For many people, that's not a concern. 
But for those who are still caught in the dilemma
of "Oh God, what would I *do* if I were ever thrown
off of the 'highest path' and never had access to
any TM functions or programs ever again?" 

It's EASY for those of us who really *don't* give
a shit what anyone in the TMO thinks of us to consider
burning our bridges and telling them to fuck off. It's
not as easy for those who feel that they'd be commit-
ing a kind of spiritual suicide by doing so. And MANY
people have been brainwashed to believe just that. 

You're dealing with cultists here. They may bitch 
about the cult in private, but they're never going
to do anything in public that jeopardizes their
continuing membership in the cult. 


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