I watch so many of these films with "this ending."  Hard to suggest that it 
should be watched unless I know the person enough to firstly see if they've 
acquired the taste for this OMG-what-if genre.  

But yeah, nicely done flick, and it handles the "why don't the white people 
leave the house when shit like this is coming down?" issue pretty well -- for 
my needs. I don't like to suspend too much disbelief in these paranormal 

OTOH, Cabin In The Woods should've rattled me out of the immersion we seek in 
film with its wild-ass impossibilities-until-the-core-secret-is-revealed, but 
it used other tools to make one "forgive" the "liberties taken" that were 
effective also.  

And, John Dies In The End fits right in with the above -- well done but ya 
gotta love the conceits to stay inside the film's POV.


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> The movie "Dark Skies" is now available on video.  I rented it on Bluray 
> and watched it last night.  It's about a family who find strange going 
> ons in their house.  This is NOT one of those "found footage" movies 
> though the producers did make the first Paranormal Activity movie.  They 
> opted for a narrative and even mentioned in the commentary they found it 
> easier to do a traditional narrative than a "found footage" film.  It 
> features Keri Russell playing the mom and I kept wondering why she 
> didn't contact her KGB handler for an answer to what was going on (fans 
> here of FX's "The Americans" will know what I mean).  The film is rated 
> PG-13 though probably too scary for Buck.  I liked the film and thought 
> it was well done in spite of the PG-13 rating.
> http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2387433/

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