Good reason to not consult pandits - you'd get just as good advice if you asked 
a panda - of course you would have to pay some advanced Guv'nor of the Age of E 
who had perfected the understanding the language of animals sidhi some big 
money to translate, but it would be just as good.

Did the pandit in question charge a consultation fee both times?

And did the couple kick his ass?

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Subject: [FairfieldLife] Jyotish is a practice?

Let the bashing begin! 
What if a Pandit says and writes that someone is compatible with another, then 
a few years later the Pandit says the people are not compatible and he only 
said that because he thought that is what the couple wanted, and that he only 
went along with one's feelings because there was love and compassion in a 
charts and eventually one would find out they did not like each other? 


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