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> > there seems to be some people here who would imagine the
> > movement is not doing too well. I can tell you that the movement
> > is not even talking about some of the developments as they are
> > so stunning as to possibly provoke unnecessary controversy if
> > more widely known right now. Things might not be as you
> > imagine they should be based on how thing were in the past or
> > how you might imagine they should be or you might be attached
> > to your country being in the lead.
> One of those things that was worse in the past and is "better now"
> that the movement isn't taking credit for because they're afraid
> it might provoke controversy:

Yea, I wonder when men are going to stop being so afraid of women - their 
power, their intelligence, their beauty - that they could allow them to be 
other than blanket-covered chattels. 
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