Great story! I just remembered that I passed Richard Burton and Liz Taylor's 
house in Puerto Vallarta, when I visited there this year. RB  was in a movie in 
PV (Night of the Iguana), and she wanted to stay with him, and the town was 
discovered as a getaway. 

Speaking of Iguanas, they are protected there, after almost being hunted to 
extinction, for food, and iPad covers (made the last one up). TV Chef/Bad Boy 
de Cuisine Tony Bourdain doesn't care for them, though. A direct quote from an 
episode in which he ate them, under-cooked: 

"Unbelievably horrible. I just want to die.. I mean really bad. I want to dip 
my head into a bucket of lye, you know, pull my eyes out of their sockets and 
jump off a cliff." 

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> > How childish of Glenn Ford. I am sure Maharishi came across lots of celebs 
> > who thought they were too cool for school. 
> Not Elizabeth Taylor. On a regular basis she asked Maharishi what more she 
> could do for the Movement, some project perhaps, a grand opening of something 
> ? The answer always was; be regular with your meditation.
> :-)

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