Dear Nabby,
So a man who watches porn and beats off to the images that has extinguished his 
loins, is going to rape a woman? 
Nabby, when a husband is horny and he gets some, at least most of the time 
after one or two times, heh, he can't get it up for a while because he is 
exhausted. The same with a man who watches porn, is out of "stuff," and usually 
Most men I know who watch porn, get off on porn end of story. 
Rape has been going on in India just as long as any other place with and 
without porn. It is just reported about in the media more now a days.
I know lots of women who were raped by their brothers, by their fathers and 
father's friends. It is not talked about much and was happening before the 
invention of the VCR.. yes, it is sick.
Let's say when people rape 8 year old girls, one usually hears those 
confessions of guilt by the women when they are over their 30's. The women feel 
Shut up about rape, Nabby. You are a man and do not know what women get, 
because most women do not share those stories... and their are many more than 
reported.. Have a nice day. 

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> > Oh dear - Was it? I felt sorry for him after I sent it.
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> > Triple threat to the ​true inner search symbolized by religion.
> > 
> > One one hand you have people like Das, hiding their dysfunctionality, their
> > lack of accountability, responsibility behind religion.
> > 
> > And then Gurus like Amma conning people. I have a friend who's attending
> > her programs in San Ramon and providing me live feeds, don't ask me why - I
> > think he just went there to mock everyone.  
> Anyway​ her recent statement, porn's causing increased rape in India.
> With the availability of internet rapidly improoving in India it makes sense 
> and it's certainly one of the better statements I've heard from Amma.

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