Talk to the hand.
A woman is not just a woman as in a hole to poke, to _uck, to penetrate, which 
is not a place a man lives in but is born out of, a man who is frustrated 
looking at pictures or films is about the same as how frustrated people are to 
look at that nice new car, the new computer, that prized political position 
giving power, that ipad you have been waiting for...they are all the same- 
Desire for what is not yours. 
It is the thought of a woman not having a mind to choose a mate, that makes men 
rape women, unwillingly. Willingly would be when she says, "Hey baby, tie my 
arms and legs and pretend to rape me, you  big hunk." That is when a woman's 
mind says it is okay.
A man has 2 hands, and there are lots of grapefruit to squeeze, if you know 
what I mean. 89 cents a grapefruit. Out in the wilds, free. 
Sheep, and whatever ... sorry this is for people over 18:

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> > Shut up about rape, Nabby.  
> Since you are a woman you have no idea how frustrated a man looking at only 
> pictures or films can become. You don't have to be a shrink to understand 
> that he can get so frustrated that he might run into the street and molest 
> the first girl he meets.

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