> > > As I pointed out the other day, just because it's at
> > > the farmer's market doesn't mean it is non-GMO. Ask
> > > at each booth. I asked at the booth selling ears of
> > > corn and they were GMO.
> > >
> > Did they have a label? Otherwise, how do you know?
> >
> Apparently Willy doesn't know what a farmer's market is.
You nerd, I already told you I live about a mile from the
world headquarters of Whole Foods in Austin, and they have
a 'Farmers Market' there every Sunday. And, none of the
produce there has a GM label. Go figure.

So, how do you know if it's GM or not?

This reminds me of that used car sales trick:

Guy goes in to buy a used car. Salesman says 'This one has
a nice vinyl top, so it looks better, rides quieter, and
so this one has a higher resale value.

Another guy goes into the same used car lot. The same
saleman says 'This one doesn't have a vinyl top, so it
looks better, no moisture trapped under the vinyl roof,
and so this one has a higher resale value.


> Probably because he buys his food at his corner
> liquor store. :-D
All Trader Joe's and Whole Foods sell liquor! LoL!


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