Share Long:
> Ah, Richard you do make me laugh. 
There are exactly three informants here who know 
anything about computers: Lawson, Barry2, and Alex. 

> ...I kind of missed your usual admonition to me. 
Share Long: asking the important questions. LoL!

> In both the near and distant past, I've posted 
> stuff I thought was pretty cool. No responses. 
Don't be intimidated - I must have posted close to
10,000 on-topic messages to FFL and a.m.t. without
getting any responses. Go figure.

Look, people don't have much times these days to
yak on the internet, except for people like us.

But, it's a fact that some people feel better 
when they have someone to talk to, even to talk
to total strangers on a Yahoo! news forum. 

> Well, I think John responded once.
Hey, while these nerds were posting comments that 
begin and end on one line and all begin with RE: 
- I wrote a whole book! LoL!

> Anyway, this morning I posted something merely 
> practical and kind of uninteresting and there 
> were a bunch of responses. One can't help but 
> say, go figure! But thank everyone for all 
> kinds of help and isn't it sweet when Judy has 
> sympathy for turq?
Go figure.

> I am feeling a lot of tenderness for you all... 
Thanks for reaching out to try and help them all
understand the mechanics of consciousness!

What I need is some real spiritual help. PLEASE 

> > > There was no need at all to respond to Share in that rude and
> > > insulting manner. Small wonder that so many people here dislike
> > > you. You've just given a perfect example of why. Why don't you
> > > just delete that post, which came from some very unpleasant
> > > place inside you, and simply ask her for more details? Try to
> > > be helpful for once.
> > >
> authfriend:
> > I'm at least partially in sympathy with Barry on this
> > one. She should at least have been able to figure out
> > that there's no way she can expect anyone to help her
> > unless she takes a little more time and thought to
> > formulate her question.
> >
> Translation: We can't help you. Now shut up, Woman. LoL! 
> > But the question was designed to elicit sympathy for
> > how computer-incompetent she is. It was designed to
> > make people stand on their heads trying to understand
> > what her problem is, designed to get her lots of 
> > attention from dupes like you, feste.

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