On 06/06/2013 09:49 AM, Share Long wrote:
> As for Kitchen Nightmares, one shudders to imagine the vibes going into Amy's 
> food no matter how yummy it might be.

A friend mentioned the video yesterday so I checked it out.  Not really 
a fan of the show but understand the restaurant business enough to get 
what Ramsay is doing.  And it's also akin to about any kind of 
management situation.  Amy would have done well to stick to just being a 
bakery.  Ramsay thought her deserts were great.  I think he hinted at 
that.  My point about the video is how much "in denial" Samy and Amy 
were about their product.  They seemed very delusional.

The video has gone viral all over the net according to my friend. Maybe 
I should find the "readers digest" version for folks here.

Tip for horror movie fans here "Mama" is a very good ghost story and 
actually scarey.  It's available for rent at kiosks and some of the 
rental streaming places.  Hard to say when it will come to Netflix but 
now that Comcast owns Universal it may eventually show up there.  It 
looks like Comcast's business model is beginning to reflect that of Sony 
or Lionsgate when it comes to films and to get it out in as many 
channels as possible than leave some money on the table.   Jessica 
Chastain does a great job playing her character in the film.

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