Whoopsie! Dr. PS, does this make me a fruitloop or a ding dong? But first I 
should warn you that Xeno has already declared me a defunct Twinkie. Which BTW, 
is making a comeback! BTW Mr. Mod, I said TOTALLY empty stomach to signify that 
not even water had been consumed! I bet not everyone going for fasting blood 
work does that! Again, what can I say? I'm a saint, don't visit, keep your Dome 
badge, instead send Cashew Cookie Larabars. Thank you.

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> Ok, rushing again as doc wants fasting blood work which I'm off
> to do now.  On a totally empty stomach!

Oh, I hear ya... fasting blood work is hell on an empty stomach. It's 
soooooooooooooooo much more comfortable to do fasting blood work after a nice 
big meal.


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