Yeah, we get along great. Have to read the ripples on the water with Scorpio, 
because often that is all there is to see.

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> > I am curious what the people interested in astrology have heard about this. 
> > The reason being is that my daughter was born via C-section, and so the 
> > time of her birth was essentially chosen by me, according to when I could 
> > get away from work.
> >
> > The doctor told us when she was ready to be born, and I set the time at 11 
> > AM that day, due to strictly practical considerations. There was enough of 
> > a window there, though, that I could have manipulated her Ascendant, had I 
> > wanted to (turned out to be Scorpio).
> >
> >
> Scorpio is good for a Taurus parent.  I've seen many charts of parents 
> and children who have opposition in ascendants.  And then there are the 
> connections almost spooky between relatives.  Every one of my great 
> nieces and nephews connect with my chart as well as between their 
> cousins.  And I'm talking small 1 or 2 degree orb aspects and conjunctions.
> Basically the nay-sayers don't like the idea of predetermination and 
> they are probably per-determined to think that way.  In fact for 
> personal psychology I recommend believing in free will though it may not 
> exist at all.
> How this all works is probably beyond the scope of our current "science."

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