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> > The reality outside of the incestuous guru-groupie ashrams of
> > US/Europe/pseudo-India is far from the reality. MMY's edicts to 
> > prevent his psychophants from "contamination" by other truths 
> > was a control move to guarantee kowtowing fidelity.
> I like "psychophants." :-) And while I may disagree with
> your use of the word "truths" to describe that which they
> might have found by meeting other teachers, I completely
> agree that it was Maharishi who tried desperately to keep
> them from ever meeting them. From Day One of meeting him
> he put down other teachers and traditions, and created
> a sense of "sin" or "wrongdoing" in anyone who wanted
> *to* meet them. It was *very* much the same vibe as 
> women who go berserk if their boyfriend or husband even
> *looks* at another woman -- jealousy.

(Of course, no *man* ever goes berserk with jealousy
if his girlfriend or wife looks at another man.)

>From what I understand, it isn't true that Maharishi
kept people from seeing other teachers. There are any
number of stories, some of which have been told here,
about Maharishi *arranging* meetings with various saints,
including Muktananda, Tat Walla Baba, Anandamayi Ma, and
others. There are even group photographs of the

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