would it be okay to rub elbows with the saints Benjy Creme has vetted? 

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> > > Nabby, the truth is that the no saint policy came directly 
> > > from MMY. It was his very own and clear directive all along. 
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> > Indeed. But it was nowhere as rigorusly enforced as in the USA.
> > 
> > It may be that a decision will be made to loosen up on that policy.
> > 
> > Which would be a big mistake.
> Because True Believers like Nabby could get cooties
> from people who have been "seeing saints."  :-)

The problem lies in that fact that the definition of "Saint" is rather vague, 
to say the least. 

Today any woo-woo lama could turn up in Fairfield wearing a funny hat, doing 
his sing-song and claim to be some sort of saint. In times like these 
unfortunately many would believe such nonsense. 
Even a simple ex-pat should understand that we would not want such a character, 
nor his gullible followers, in the Domes. 


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